About FeelSpace

We want you to Be Heard...Anonymously! (without being exposed)...That is our Mission for you.

Whether you are in 7th grade or in college, having someone to share your thoughts and feelings through tough times is the only reason why FeelSpace was created.  FeelSpace is the idea of a high school junior, that strongly felt that the options available to students today are just not working, Depression, isolation, bullying, anxiety, suicides, and school shootings are more prevalent today than ever before.  When It comes to Mental Health support for Teens and Adolescents, FeelSpace believes, schools need to do much more to connect with their students early, before It’s too late.  

FeelSpace is an extremely simple to use mobile and web messaging app that will allow students to communicate with their school selected psychologists and counselors with anonymity and privacy, until the student is ready to meet in person for more support and counseling.  Schools of any type and size can be linked to the FeelSpace app.  Once a school(s) registers with FeelSpace, it can then link the appropriate psychologists and counselors to receive message and alerts as the student need support.  The FeelSpace app becomes an extension of the schools counseling efforts to provide more convenient options to its students, when they need it the most. 

Interested schools please visit https://www.feelspace.org or email us at partner@feelu.org. We are looking for partners and advisors to bring FeelSpace to schools all around the world and make a difference in people’s lives.

Our belief and mission is simple...

Be heard. Anonymously.

What our Students say